Patricia Beck

Wowza, here’s a smokin’ hot photo of sexy Brazilian brunette babe Patricia (Pati) Beck. Her name is easy to remember, but her face and body are hard to forget! Most of the hottest Brazilian babes are natural brunettes unless their family has a background like Gisele Bundchen with her honey-toned tresses giving away her European parentage. Pati has the privilege of being featured here on the The Daily Brunette because of her lustrous, wavy natural brunette hair, accentuating her amazing beauty.

Pati works a model and has been featured in many popular publications and modeling shoots calling for a sexy brunette, including lingerie and swimwear as you can tell from the image and clip below. Pati is also a jewelry designer and you can see her artistic pieces on her Instagram: @PatriciaBeckJoias

So, I’m pleased to feature such a hot Brazilian brunette as Patricia Beck here. Be my guest and enjoy the photo and Youtube video of this brunette beleza and feel free to cruise all the other brunette babes at The Daily Brunette! If you have a brunette babe suggestion, use the contact form at the bottom of the page and send in your suggestion.