Nina Senicar

Our featured brunette of the day is sexy Serbian model Nina Senicar. Nina has worked hard to earn her fame after beginning her modeling career as a swimsuit model. Outside of Serbia, she is primarily known in Italy, because she hosts a television show there. She speaks Serbian, Italian and English. We decided to feature Nina today because she is a major brunette hottie, stunning and captivating. She has her own website (add dotcom after her name) where you can see and read more about Nina or download computer or cell phone wallpapers.

Aside from modeling and television, Nina is also a passionate and competitive equestrienne. Nina has become a popular entrepreneur and launched her own swimsuit line Nina Senicar Beachwear. Nina is also savvy about marketing herself and has an active Twitter, blog and Facebook where her fans can adore and interact with her. Not all brunette models are in touch with their fans and understand the importance of cultivating and keeping fans interested in their lives. Nina Senicar is one hell of a fantasy girl all wrapped up in one hot package, so we hope you enjoy seeing her and enjoying her pictures on Nina’s Instagram @NinaSenicar as much as we did while looking her up!