Minka Kelly

Our newest featured sexy brunette babe is Minka Kelly, an American actress who appears in a few highly popular films like “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Roommate”. Her emotive acting was transcendent on the tv show “Friday Night Lights”. She immediately struck our radar today when we were on the search for a new brunette hottie to post when we discovered that there’s a sex tape floating around right now that involves Minka and a past boyfriend. The Minka Kelly sex tape was possibly shot between 1998 and 1999, and rumor has it that the video was shot using a tripod and TV setup so that Minka and her boyfriend could see what the camera was viewing. However, the sex tape may never be available on the internet since Minka’s age cannot be confirmed at the time of the taping. It is rumored that her ex-boyfriend is shopping the tape for cash. Nice ex-boyfriend. Add this douche to Minka’s ex-boyfriend list including manwhores Derek Jeter and John Mayer.

Not only do we find Minka Kelly really sexy, but we also love her beautiful long brunette hair, her big, beautiful eyes, her perfect breasts and a body that could could make any man turn his head (and lots of women, too!). If this isn’t enough justification for you, Minka Kelly was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine in 2009! If this isn’t an achievement that warrants us to talk about and admire Minka Kelly, then I’m not sure what to tell you except check out her sex scene video below!

Here is Minka as Dove from the Titans tv show in a sex scene with Hawk. Even though the scene was shot for television, it’s still super hot!