Leighton Meester Feb15


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Leighton Meester

Everyone seems to know Leighton Meester from the popular preppie tv show “Gossip Girl”. While she had been known as a pretty brunette often mistaken for Minka Kelly, it wasn’t until she began appearing in very provocative photo shoots, that people began to see a more sultry and erotic side to Leighton. Although she was born in Texas, she grew up in Florida and was raised primarily by her grandmother. This was because her mother was in Federal prison stemming from charges of smuggling marijuana into the U.S. from the Caribbean. (“Weeds” anyone?) She then moved to New York City to pursue her blossoming acting career which began as a teen. She splits her time between NYC and L.A. and is married to actor Adam Brody (lucky guy!)

Leighton is also a very skilled singer who performs both country and folk music and is associated with folkie group “Check in the Dark.” Leighton transitioned from television acting to film acting and has received accolades for her performances in both dramas and comedies. Everything is looking up for Leighton career-wise. At The Daily Brunette, we hope she appears in more pics like this one, where she is attired in leather fetish wear and panty hose.

Check out Leighton in a steamy lesbian kiss from the movie “The Roommate”!