Katy Perry Jun27


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Katy Perry

Cute brunette Katy Perry began her singing career as an indie girl whose first single “Ur So Gay” was a contemporary take on Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”. Her song I Kissed a Girl stirred up a frenzy of media attention over the bisexual themed ditty. Hard to believe she is now one of the Queens of Pop Music and one of the wealthiest female music entertainers who rakes in over 40 million dollars per year from worldwide touring, her music label and music downloads. She also has her own perfume company and has released four perfumes so far.

Katy is one of the sexiest brunettes, sporting voluptuous retro pin-up style and featuring natural 32D breasts. She is also a sex symbol, unconventional fashion icon and has an impressive amount of social media followers, 50 million on Twitter and 65 million followers on Facebook! Because Katy Perry has never posed fully nude, she is one of the most popular celebs on celebrity “fake” sites where her face is photoshopped on topless or nude photos to make it appear like Katy posing naked. After divorcing freak Russell Brand, she found true love with Orlando Bloom.

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